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Power Hour - Lunch & Learn Series ™ ONLINE

The Polished Global Professional Interna


5-Day Online Interactive Training

  • February 15 - 19, 2021 at 12:00PM GMT

  • April 12 - 16, 2021 at 12:00PM GMT

  • June 21 - 25, 2021 at 12:00PM GMT

Traditionally, people conducted business within their neighbourhood. Today's professional needs to be able to do business instantly with connections anywhere in the world - and this poses a new set of challenges. As a result, Minding Manners International is delighted to offer The Polished Global Professional Power Hour Lunch & Learn Series™, an online learning experience. These 5-day, 1-hour sessions are geared towards businesspeople aspiring to advance their careers and social lives on an international scale, whether they are seasoned professionals or newly entering the workforce.


Day 1 - NETWORKING HOUR: Grow your connections

Upscale your networking skills to foster career advancement. 

Master virtual connections and face-to-face meetings. Develop follow-up strategies that produce results. We will explore ways to grow your connections in order to gain respect, build increased credibility and foster lucrative business relationships.


Day 2 - COMMUNICATION HOUR: Get your point across

Develop skills to lead with influence around the world. 

Avoid your message being lost in translation by understanding the layers of low and high context communication styles.


Day 3 - IMAGE & STYLE HOUR: Manage the impression you give

Demonstrate the Three C’s imperative to increasing your perceived value. 

We will discuss a multitude of details and strategies that you can implement to ensure that the professional image you project is the one that helps you achieve your goals.


Day 4 - INTERNATIONAL DINING HOUR: Communicate with food

Feel confident at dining tables around the world. 

Whether dining with silverware, chopsticks or your hands, this session will illustrate essential skills for gracefully navigating the nuances of global dining protocols.



Build bridges with international teams, colleagues and clients. 

We will share tactics to help you avoid cultural barriers by better managing perceptions and misperceptions within a globally diverse team or client-base.


Whether you are a seasoned international executive, an aspiring business student or a small-business owner, participants in The Polished Global Professional - Power Hour Lunch & Learn Series™ will gain a deeper understanding of how to master the codes of contemporary international behaviour in order to position themselves as credible, knowledgeable, cultured and authoritative; thereby making a positive and lasting impression every time, everywhere.


To celebrate the start of a New Year, we are offering an exclusive 21% reduction on our February, April and June 2021 Lunch & Learn Power Hours. From now until January 21st, 2021, this 5-Day, 1-hour programme is £252.80* (full price is £320). *Applicable sales tax will be added.