The Minding Manners Polished Global Professional will teach you more than just Basic Business Manners 101. You will learn how subtle but critical social behaviours can often make or break an important meeting, influence a first impression or impress a potential client. And not only on home turf, but abroad as well: you will feel as comfortable in London or Paris as in Moscow, Beijing, New York or Dubai.

Come prepared for entertainment. You will laugh as you learn to refine your networking skills, make polished introductions, present confident toasts, eat tricky foods and do so much more. You will also learn appropriate workplace behaviours for the office, at meetings, via video conference, on-line and during off-the-clock gatherings.

Note: For a full International Business Makeover, this course is offered in conjunction with International Business Success (Cross Cultural Awareness) and Successful Style (Executive Image), which are both offered on the Friday preceding The Polished Global Professional. Please click the links below for additional information.


- International Business Success

- Styled for Success

​"Very insightful course with must-know content for all those who are keen to develop the essential to success soft-skills. After completing this course I personally feel that I now have the capabilities to adhere to appropriate etiquette in any circumstances."

                                                   - MM, Executive at Google

"The training increased my self-confidence in various situations: introductions & greetings, dining and how to interact in a business environment."
                                                   - AB, M.A. Student at London School of Economics

This session is also available for Train-The-Trainer Certification. If interested in becoming a part of our consultancy network, please click here

The Polished Global Professional 

International Business Etiquette for the Global Professional

Gain the competitive edge by eliminating cultural borders. This exclusive 1-day comprehensive workshop is designed for businessmen and businesswomen aspiring to advance their career and social life to the next level.

Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? Often the difference can be attributed to their ability to navigate the do’s and don’ts of increasingly complex business etiquette.

In this hands-on interactive workshop you will gain the understanding of how to master the new codes of contemporary international behaviour to position yourself as credible, knowledgeable, cultured and authoritative; thereby making a positive and lasting impression every time, everywhere.

Tuition: Offered as a private group programme for six delegates - £2,700 plus VAT - Tuition includes  dynamic expert instruction, lunch, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.