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Become an International Etiquette Consultant

Let What You Love Be What You Do and Live Your Life by Design

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~Maya Angelou

Our Train-The-Trainer Etiquette Certification programmes are an excellent opportunity for those who are ready to ‘love what you do’. If you are ready to create a life you love living, a life with purpose, a life that seamlessly fits around the lifestyle you enjoy… and help others to do the same by sharing our mutual passion to go out and make a positive difference in the world, then we invite you to consider joining our network of Certified Consultants through the International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London. 

Our success only counts when it is shared with others. With that ethos at the core of our values, we are committed to delivering the most international etiquette certification programmes available, as well as offer on-going support and mentoring to ensure your ultimate success. For a no-obligation discussion, contact us for a one-to-one conversation.

The Minding Manners International Social Etiquette training and certification programme is based on the longstanding traditional principles of the finest Swiss Finishing Schools as well as English etiquette and French savoir-vivre standards. It is rooted in European savoir-vivre that extends well beyond basic manners to also include style, image and elegance as well as a cultivated appreciation for the finest things that life has to offer: from fine cheeses to Champagne and art appreciation to floral arranging.

Based across the road from Kensington Palace, our programme is the most comprehensive and enjoyable programme in the world, offering our trainees an unsurpassed knowledge and an unforgettable training experience that could only happen in one of the world’s most culturally dynamic capital cities --- London.

Our International Children & Teen Etiquette training and certification programme is the foremost youth etiquette programme in the world.

The youth of today are savvier than ever and with unique demands that extend far beyond the need of handshakes and a proper "How are you?" Today’s children and pre-teens are exposed to a more international environment, one where knowing how to respond to the English "How do you do?" is equally as important as the American "How are you?" (Hint: "How do you do?" is not really a question.) Handshakes, bows, curtseys and cheek kisses are a part of the everyday life of children all over the world. Dining with knives and forks, chopsticks and hands are all equally acceptable in various regions and, if we expect our children to respect other cultures, we need to ensure they understand other cultures and how to fit in.

Our International Business Etiquette & Cross-Cultural Specialist training and certification programme is based on contemporary practices of the most elite global corporations around the globe, meaning that our graduates walk away with an unsurpassed knowledge of European, North American, Asian, Middle Eastern and African core knowledge that translates into a competency to develop a niche market in their community for global etiquette consulting.

The programme also includes in-depth training on cross-cultural communication, which is the key to good manners in today’s society. No business etiquette training would be complete without executive image, which, like all of our programmes, is covered from a multi-cultural perspective ensuring that you are as well-dressed and professional in Tokyo or Dubai as you are in New York or Paris.

Protocol and Diplomacy training in London…anything else could only be second-best.


The United Kingdom is the world-leader in blending traditional and contemporary protocol practices to develop some of the most awe-inspiring pageantry along with the utmost in detailed ceremonies. Minding Manners International, in partnership with the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London is the longest established provider of Certified International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant training in Europe, with a network spanning more than 55 countries.  


Upon completion of your five-day training with us, you will have the knowledge and full supply of ready-made presentation materials to take your success to the next level, immediately.

Become a Mentored Associate or Partner

Mentored Associates and Mentored Partners benefit from an extended relationship whereby ongoing specialty training and support underpin our relationship to an even greater degree.
Mentored Associates complete three Certification Programmes and participate in four online trainings per year. Mentored Partners meet the criteria of Mentored Associates and also hold market exclusivity.
Applications for Mentored Associates and Mentored Partners are accepted by invitation only, are based on overall exam results, dedication and adherence to the outlined Code of Ethics. 


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"For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others."  ~Eleanor Roosevelt


Minding Manners International has established a global reputation of excellence, yet we know that for our success to be real, as quoted above, it must contribute to the success of others. As such, we support our Certified Consultants from the beginning onward. 


You will be fully trained to present the applicable international programmes for either social, business or youth etiquette, or international protocol and diplomacy. The programmes range in length from 4 to 5 days and include expert training, etiquette-related excursions, reproducible materials for you to personalise and reprint, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, step-by-step guides to presenting the programmes and much more...everything you need to get started immediately.

Not only will your programme include the most comprehensive etiquette training available, it also includes a solid foundation in setting up and running your business from A to Z including sound tips and tactics for marketing strategy, public relations, presentation and business advancement that will ensure your success.


To receive a full programme overview for the training that most interests you, please contact us today and let your fascinating journey begin. All Minding Manners International Certification Graduates are certified by the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London. We look forward to welcoming you into the exciting world of etiquette training and as a member of our global network.


Minding Manners International, in partnership with the International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London, has trained Certified Consultants in: Angola • Antigua & Barbuda • Argentina • Australia • Azerbaijan • Bahamas • Bangladesh • Belgium • •  Bosnia & Herzegovina • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • China • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • DR Congo • Ecuador  • France • Germany • Ghana • Hong Kong • India • Indonesia • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Korea • Kuwait • Laos • Lebanon • Malaysia • Malta • Mauritius Mexico • Monaco • Montenegro • Morocco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nepal • Netherlands • Nigeria • North Macedonia • Oman • Pakistan Poland • Qatar • Romania • Russia • Saint Kitts & Nevis Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia South Africa •  Spain Switzerland • Taiwan  •  Thailand • Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey • Turkmenistan • Uganda • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • USA (California) • USA (Chicago) • USA (Florida) • USA (Hawaii) • USA (Maryland) • USA (New Jersey)​ • USA (New York) • USA (Pennsylvania) • USA (Tennessee) • USA (Texas) • USA (Washington D.C.) • Vietnam •  Virgin Islands


International  Etiquette and Protocol certification programmes in London: £5,595 + VAT

Online group programmes at £4,495. Online self-paced programmes are £4,995. Applicable tax will be added.
Programme investment is payable upon enrolment. 

License Renewal Fee:
£1,400.00 + VAT, renewable every 5 years, to include updated materials and continuing education.


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