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One-Week Courses

The Finishing Touch (social etiquette)

Certification - International Social Etiquette

Certification - International Business Etiquette

Certification - International Youth Etiquette

Children's Etiquette Camp (Summer)

One-Day Courses

The Polished Professional (business etiquette)

Social Etiquette & General Behaviour (parts 1 and 2)

The Art of the Table, Table Manners and Formal Dining Tutorial

Posture, Poise, Deportment and Ballroom Dance

Weekend Courses

​The Polished Professional (business etiquette)​

Bespoke children's and family etiquette sessions










Half-Day Courses

The Art of English Afternoon Tea

The Art of Entertaining

Cross-Cultural Business Success

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Online Courses

Certification Support Sessions for our Network Trainers

Cross-cultural Business Etiquette Sessions

Bespoke Courses

​Topics from any of the above etiquette lessons may be offered solo or combined to create a bespoke etiquette programme.​


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Aare looking for professional enhancement sessions? click here

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