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International Youth Etiquette Certification (Children & Teens)

Youth Etiquette training is one of the most rewarding careers available, especially when that training includes multi-cultural facets that give today’s children and teens the competitive advantage in everyday life, at school and in their future career.


Minding Manners International, in partnership with the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, is the only choice for trainers looking for a truly international etiquette programme. For those already trained with another etiquette background, you will find that our programme extends your knowledge and capacity into the global arena like no other. For those seeking their first training, there is no better place to begin than at the top. No other etiquette curriculum in the world delivers a more global or exciting youth programme.

While we are trusted by European Aristocracy and Royal Families from around the world, our philosophy is that everyone is a VIP and, as such, deserves a solid foundation in the principles of giving and receiving respect which will become their passport to success across the world. Our unsurpassed notions of savoir-faire in the international arena as well as our interactive training style will transfer our knowledge to you, enabling you to begin your career as an international etiquette consultant with unprecedented knowledge, interaction, training and on-going support.

After your training with Minding Manners/International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, you will be fully prepared to make a positive impact on people’s lives by not only teaching them the social and personal skills necessary to be confident, poised and successful but also how to live life to its fullest. With the benefit of our proven international programmes, you can build a highly-respected, popular and profitable business for yourself, utilising the same programme materials, PowerPoint presentations, workbooks and methodology we have used for years with VIP clients from around the world.

Training covers five consecutive days:

•  Information and activity-packed days with International Etiquette & Protocol leader Tamiko Brown-Zablith and the Minding      .Manners International team of subject matter experts.

• Personal Development segments to ensure you can adapt your training style to different learning styles and feel confident leading a variety of audiences.

• Business Development workshops to help you build, further develop, market and grow your business.

The programme additionally includes comprehensive training in setting up and running your business from A to Z, including sound tips and tactics for business development, marketing strategy, public relations and business planning that will ensure your business success.


As our commitment to your success, you will receive necessary sample forms and templates to get started immediately. 

Being a part of Minding Manners/International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London is like being a part of a family. As such, our Etiquette Certification programmes are strictly limited in numbers to allow extra personal attention. 

2024 Dates



October 21 - 25



January 8 - February 2

at Le Manoir in France

May 6 - 10


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