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Minding Manners International is trusted by European Aristocracy, International Royal Families, Embassies, Diplomats, Militaries, Universities, Schools, International Organisations as well as Fortune 500, CAC 40 and FTSE 100 corporations around the world. As would be expected of a consultancy of the highest calibre, we comply with the discretion and confidentiality of our clientele who request such non-disclosure. Below are some general public testimonials which we hope will provide you the feel of what can be expected when working with us.


See what parents and our young participants have to say about the Minding Manners International Youth Etiquette programmes by clicking here.


"Thank you for the amazing experience! You exceeded my highest expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, whilst learning some vital skills and techniques that will remain with me forever."
K. O. United Kingdom

"The name 'The Finishing Touch' says everything. The clearly structured and focused content helped me hone my social, behavioural and communication skills to have 100% confidence. I also greatly enjoyed The Polished Professional course and look forward to returning."
N. B. Russia


"I've had the pleasure of working with Tamiko Zablith and her team at Minding Manners and they are the best in their field. The breadth and depth of their knowledge and years of experience are impressive and they are able to share the it in a way that is engaging, thoughtful, and inclusive of all backgrounds. They are also able to explain the differences across cultures - especially the nuances which has helped us to understand the viewpoints and expectations of our customers. This knowledge is helping us shape how we do business and to provide an environment supportive for the multi-cultural workforce. I especially appreciate how Tamiko ties in a country's history to how that has shaped their communication style and etiquette that we know today. Understanding this and knowing the mindset takes away the mystery of working with international clients and helps your business relationship. If you are looking for the international business etiquette experts, Minding Manners is *the* place to go."



"Through your teaching I have made a massive change in my life style. I have developed my business style, learned better how to manage different audiences, how to anticipate disadvantaged situations and provide solutions, how to interact even when I don’t have knowledge of the language and dining is much more enjoyable today."

Lady W. R. Angola


"I had a great time; loved the course and the team and will recommend it to everyone. I look forward to coming back."

P. M. Japan


“Having recently been promoted to the head of a large team in an international bank I quickly realised that my success in the role was heavily influenced by building successful relationships. Working within a global company involves interacting with many different cultures and the do’s and don’ts in London do not necessarily apply in Paris or Brussels. The three business etiquette courses I attended at Minding Manners has given me the confidence to successfully navigate these cultures within the organisation. Tamiko offers practical solutions and I would highly recommend these courses for any professional wanting to polish their people skills and gain an edge in a very competitive market.”

D.R.M. United Kingdom


"My time spent with you was very useful for my role in the diplomatic world."
H.E. S.S. Nigeria

"I've had the pleasure of working with Tamiko Zablith and Minding Manners several times over the past years in both Paris and London, and each experience has been no less than outstanding. Her exhaustive knowledge of international protocol and business etiquette is unsurpassed. Their courses are presented in a thorough, engaging manner and appeal to clients across many different demographics. In my experience as an event planner, Minding Manners is the only etiquette consultancy to deliver a truly international/multi-cultural service, which is why they are so appreciated by our diplomatic as well as civilian clients. I highly recommend their services as they deliver great results with high integrity."

K. P. France


"I think your revelationary modules will prove very valuable to us both (my husband and I) and was quite unexpected and spectacular."
S. R. United Kingdom

"Minding Manners has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I now have the answers to many questions that are not answered in books…and look forward to coming back again for more courses over the years."
S. A. Jordan


"I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you these few days. I feel as if I have known you forever. You have given me something that nobody can take away from me which is 'confidence'."

L.B. Ghana


"We found the programme extremely interesting, in depth and delivered in a very interactive way. Our team were multi national not only from the UK but from France, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland all with extensive international experience. It’s true to say that we all learnt something new, refreshed what we had forgotten and had great fun along the way!"

Anon Corporation

"Minding Manners has truly broadened my horizon and passion for the realm of etiquette."
B. A. G. Kuwait

"It has been such a pleasure and I have learned so many very useful things."
N. N. Cyprus/ TRNC Turkey

"It was my greatest pleasure to have got an opportunity to learn from you, I only hope now that I bring laurels to your name."
P. K. India


"Going to an etiquette class has been on my list of things to do for many years. I’m glad I chose Minding Manners. The history, visuals and practical tools supplied was perfect."


With a testimonials book containing hundreds of endearing reviews, we invite you to flip through it the next time you are in London. 

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