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International Protocol

Expanding Your Cross-Cultural Awareness and Diplomatic Protocol Intelligence

In today’s global arena, knowledge of foreign affairs and an understanding of proper protocol is in high-demand. Minding Manners International, in partnership with the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, is the longest established provider of Certified Etiquette and Protocol Consulting training in Europe, with a network spanning more than 60 countries. 


We offer both bespoke sessions as well as a complete five-day Train-the-Trainer Certification programme. Upon completion of your five-day training with us, you will have the knowledge and full supply of ready-made presentation materials to take your success to the next level, immediately. For more information regarding our Protocol and Diplomacy Certification, click here

If you work in the international diplomatic, governmental, corporate, private or public service arena, we will help you advance yourself and your teams by building your protocol knowledge to a highly-respected advisory position. We offer condensed 2, 3 and 4-day fundamental courses as well as on-going consulting for individuals and groups working within Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions and other Governmental offices in the UK, Europe, the Middle East,  Asia, Americas, Africa and abroad.

If your goal is to become a trusted advisor for planning and orchestrating VIP events, these intensive courses will propel you into the international arena by enhancing your knowledge of:

·         Official protocol and events organisation

·         Strategies for coordinating high-level international meetings, conferences and VIP visits

·         Techniques for organising official meals, formal banquets and high-profile social events

·         Contemporary international social and business etiquette and best practices

·         Developing verbal diplomacy and writing skills

·         Enhancing cross-cultural awareness and communication skills

·         Understanding precedence and deference

·         Manoeuvring official dining protocols of international scale

·         Hands-on international dining tutorials (European, Asian and Middle Eastern)

·         English, French and International seating protocols

·         Titles and forms of address

·         Royal etiquette and protocol

·         Signing ceremonies

·         Formal receiving lines and reception lines

·         Flag etiquette, anthems and other important "details"

·         Formal, official and ceremonial dress codes

·         Cross-cultural negotiations

·         Global gift-giving protocols

·         Interactive activities and case studies regarding commonly experienced protocol-related situations

If you represent an Embassy or organisation, learn more about how we can develop your team to reflect your countries cultural brand norms within the best light overseas.  

If you are an individual and would like to certify your knowledge, contact us to discuss how advanced training through the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London can enhance your credentials, making you a greater asset and more valuable in the field. 


These sessions are also highly beneficial for event planners and executive assistants in global corporations and public service, as well as:

·         Embassy and Diplomatic Personnel

·         Meeting Planners

·         Special Event Planners

·         Corporate and Public Affairs Managers

·         Hosts Who Receive International Personnel

·         International Corporate and Government Representatives

·         Administrative Professionals

·         Private Consultants

·         Etiquette and Protocol Consultants

·         Global Entrepreneurs

2024 Dates

March 11 - 15

November 18 - 22

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