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Youth Etiquette

Social, Dining & Communication Skills for Children, Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Give a special child in your life a gift that will last a lifetime, enabling him or her to effectively participate in his or her future by handling social and scholastic situations with grace and ease.

Our goal is to give your child the necessary building blocks for a solid future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership... in an entertaining environment. Our half-day and full-day workshops and dining tutorials are engaging, age-appropriate, interactive programmes. Participants will learn the power of etiquette, how and why it is a valuable life-long skill that works to their own benefit. They will learn and practice leadership, social, dining and communication skills to enable them to feel comfortable and self-assured on any occasion.


"My mother-in-law has noticed the change in Caroline, particularly how much more positive and accommodating she is of others."      


See what other parents and participants have said by clicking here​​​​. ​Visit the Parent's Corner for recommended books and resources.

If you are a parent, grandparent, carer, school, university or organisation that would like to offer our award winning youth etiquette programmes, contact us to discuss becoming a part of our consultancy network by clicking here.

Young Diplomats

ages 4 - 7 years old

Children are in their most impressionable stage during these early years, therefore we have designed an activity-filled, role-playing etiquette and character building workshop specifically for them focusing on respect, sharing, table manners and "magic words".

The programme fosters children’s growth through age-appropriate, play-nourished activities set in a positive learning environment with an ideal combination of instruction, practice and role-playing.

Featured in the course is our mascot, Peppermint the Polite Puppy®. She is a captivating hand puppet that also appears in the illustrated take-home handouts. Her gracious presence not only captures the attention of young children, but their affections as well.

Family involvement is encouraged through take-home handouts that reinforce positive attitudes toward learning and applying good manners.


A sample of topics covered include:

- Making Friends

- Sharing & Caring

- Magic Words & Acts of Kindness
- Out & About in Public Places
- Looking & Feeling Good
- Respect & Cultural Awareness
- Dining & Table Manners

To organise a private session for one or a workshop for six or more participants, please contact us.

Little Ambassadors

ages 8 - 12 years old

"With the Little Ambassadors programme, graduates will be polished and prepared to meet life’s social challenges and make a smoother transition into teen-hood."

This confidence building programme is a well balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards with contemporary manners for the 21st Century. It promotes leadership through etiquette and dining skills. The programmes are specifically designed for the pre-teen age group. They are highly interactive and fun, and are in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem.


When pre-teens know how to handle themselves in different social situations, their confidence and self-esteem will soar! Let us help you prepare your children and give them the tools they need to shine at every occasion.

A sample of topics covered include:

- Social & Communication Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Introductions and Greetings 
- Self-respect & Respect for Others
- Conversation & Listening Skills
- Telephone Etiquette

- Social Media Etiquette & Safety
- The Protocol of Public Places
- The ABCs of Table Manners and Dining
- Table Place Settings (UK, Continental, US)
- Napkins & Handling Silverware
- Difficult to Eat Foods
- Do's & Don'ts of Graceful Dining
- Showing Appreciation

Just For Teens

ages 13 - 17 years old

It's tough being a teenager, and it's equally tough being the parent of a teenager! As parents, we see our children being bombarded daily with peer pressure and messages that do not always reflect the values that are important to us. We want our children to develop their own self-identity and to continue to build their confidence, thinking skills and self-esteem.


The Minding Manners teen etiquette and dining programmes combine to create a Swiss finishing school alternative in London, designed to give adolescents the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults. The programmes are specifically designed to meet the needs of this age group. They are highly interactive and fun, and are in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem.


Let us support you in equiping your teen with the leadership skills he or she needs to not only handle a variety of situations with poise and confidence, but to also be prepared for success in the global economy of the 21st century.

A sample of topics covered include: 

- Social, Communication & Leadership Skills

- International Dining Skills
- Handshaking and Social Greetings
- Introductions Formal & Informal
- Self-respect & Respect for Others
- Conversation & Listening Skills
- Social Media Etiquette
- The Etiquette of Public Places
- University Interview Preparation

- Host & Guest Duties
- Being a Gracious Guest

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