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The Finishing Touch® 5-Day Finishing School

International Etiquette Course Covering Social Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Entertaining, Image and Deportment

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The Finishing Touch® is Europe's leading Finishing School programme and will help you upgrade your social success and confidence in five days!  

Overlooking Kensington Palace and the Gardens, the luxurious 5-star Milestone Hotel is home to Minding Manners International's The Finishing Touch® programme. Dating back to 1689 and once home to Ambassadors and Barons, this award-winning landmark sets the back drop for London’s most refined finishing school course. Every step taken on our etiquette excursions is graced with Victorian heritage, from Kensington Palace and Royal Albert Hall along the Diana, Princess of Wales Flower Walk to the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park and Exhibition Road which is home to some of London’s most important cultural institutions. This privilege allows you the exclusive pleasure of experiencing etiquette in its birthplace, with tutorial insights and hands-on practical experiences beyond measure.


At Minding Manners International our delegates join us from around the globe and are as integral to your experience as our trainers. This dynamic social etiquette programme is offered bi-monthly in London over one week and is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

Day 1

Module 1: International Social Etiquette

Uncover the nuances of British and Continental European social codes as well as International behaviour around the world. Master formal and informal introductions and forms of address whilst practicing the social skills of meeting, greeting and building rapport with cultural sensitivity. Unmask the differences between British social vs International business etiquette whilst discovering the secrets of handshakes, air kisses and other greetings along with the international notions of eye contact, body language, gestures and smiling. 


Module 2: How to be More Confident - The Art of Networking and Socialising (lunch included) 

Turn social parties and business networking events into meaningful opportunities for new relationships. Learn how to become more at ease as we share tips and advice to help you become more comfortable in such situations.

Put your new-found skills to the test as this segment continues over an informal buffet lunch, allowing you practice in situ. A variety of scenarios will be covered from how to strategically enter a room, how to start, extend and gracefully exit a conversation. How to manage food and drink when standing, the exchange of business cards and much more!

Module 3: How to be More Confident (Part 2) - Personal Image and Society Dress Codes

Learn how to distinguish style from fashion and add class to every wardrobe with extended knowledge into the details of being well-dressed, ensuring you put your best image forward…every time. Gain insight into the codes of the understated elegance of English classics. Construct a stylish appearance from breakfast to the ballroom… and all of the society events in between.

Day 2
Module 4: 
The Art of Entertaining and Being Entertained

For a light tête-à-tête for two or a grand State Banquet for 150, discover the attributes of sophisticated hosts and hostesses, as well as distinguished guest duties. Enhance confidence in compiling menus for a cross-cultural guest list along with the mastery of designing seating plans according to precedence.

Module 5: Timeless Correspondence

In this age of emails and instant messages, receiving a handwritten note has become a rare treat. Regain an eye for the lost art of beautiful stationery. Interactive exercises utilising luxurious engraved note cards will help you to add a touch of refinement to your personal and business correspondence by mastering the do’s and do not’s of elegant and timeless correspondence.

Module 6: Social Etiquette and the Rise of 'Polite' Society

This exclusive event capitalises on our privileged location so that you will enjoy a unique etiquette tutorial that engages you on the trail of Queen Victoria’s London - including the historic Albert Memorial, Royal Albert Hall frieze art and a unique etiquette tutorial at the V&A Museum on the 'Rise of Polite Society' in England and its international influences and outcomes on western society. Step back in time and witness, through artefacts, the beautiful table settings of the 1800's, the elements of a proper wardrobe, an elaborate social salon, antique tea service and the appropriate etiquette to accompany each one.

Day 3
Module 7: The Art of the Table

Do you prefer to be the host or the guest? As a host, it is time for you to enjoy the role of setting a formal table. As a guest, you will enhance your confidence by discovering how to navigate a multitude of utensils and stemware seamlessly and elegantly. This hands-on visually engaging session will distinguish between official protocol, formal and informal table décor, table settings, table service and table manners (British, French, American and international variations). Learn the international placement variations as well as usage of tricky utensils such as the escargot holder, fruit cutlery, coupes versus flutes, et cetera.

Module 8: Elegant Formal Dining Tutorial (lunch included) 

Master the art of fine dining in the elegance of our mansion hotel’s dining room where you will enjoy a full, formal six-course luncheon where no detail is left unturned. Learn how to navigate a formal table setting, proper utensil usage and how to eat difficult-to-manoeuvre foods with style and grace. Special attention will be given to decoding the nuances of English vs French dining styles, as well as various do's and do not's around the globe. 

Day 4
Module 9: Posture, Poise and Deportment

Learn to project confidence, elegance and charismatic leadership through your movements by reinforcing proper posture and body language. You will discover guidelines and tactics for graceful standing, walking, sitting and gesturing as well as professional tips to add presence and style to your daily routine. Ladies will discover techniques for elegantly walking in high heels, descending a staircase and getting in and out of a car with grace,


Gentlemen will fine-tune their skills for properly escorting a lady (in social and business engagements), putting on and removing coats and enhancing their personal skills from the dining room to the boardroom.


Module 10: International Body Language

Learn a foreign language: How to ‘speak’ different body languages. 

Culture conditions what we believe is acceptable and unacceptable, as a result, to build stronger international relationships, an understanding of non-verbal communication is a must. In this module you will learn about facial expressions, physical greetings, gestures and mannerisms around the world.


Module 11: British Etiquette and Royal Protocol

Gain unprecedented insight into the social codes and practices of the English Aristocracy with this very special etiquette tutorial at Kensington Palace, former home of Diana, Princess of Wales and the official residence of Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. This session is filled with dazzling displays, interactive experiences and views into the alluring world of Royal Etiquette. 

Day 5
Module 12: Voice, Speech, Elocution and The Art of Communication

As the ‘manner’ in which you say something is equally as important as ‘what’ you say, this module unveils the codes and nuances of the art of communication enabling you to improve your social presence by further developing the skills practiced on day one. Practice effective voice, speech and elocution techniques to improve the quality of your verbal and non-verbal messages.


Module 13: Public Speaking, Interview Techniques and Personal Presence

Improve your presentation skills by becoming a more accomplished public speaker. Whether on stage, in a Boardroom or on a telephone call, the all-important skills required for verbal diplomacy in conversation are paramount. We will work with you to stretch your comfort zone by sharing tactics to effectively manage anxiety and to increase confidence…enabling transformative social skills. Interview techniques and the creation of a dynamic personal presence will round out the week’s programme. 

Module 14: The Art and Etiquette of English Afternoon Tea (tea meal included) 

Afternoon Tea is a British institution, one bound with codes for the uninitiated… which once mastered, is highly enjoyable. Learn the differences between Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, Royal Tea and High Tea whilst gaining insight into the origins and traditions of teatime. This is a delightful hands-on tutorial including an elegant 4-course meal.


Certificates and Group Photograph


This programme is also available for Train-The-Trainer Certification. If interested in becoming a part of our consultancy network through the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, please click here.


Tuition £1,695 plus VAT - Tuition includes dynamic interactive etiquette lessons, expert instruction, off-site visits, tutorial meals where applicable, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.

2024 Dates

March 4th - 8th



July 15th - 19th 



October 28th - November 1st 























"Participating in the finishing school program from Minding Manners has been one of the best investments I made this year. Not only can I swiftly swim in business networking events thanks to the module on communication, I get noticed immediately as I walk into the room, result of the module on poise and posture! There are many more examples but in short, not only the course itself had been a highly enjoyable experience, it had been most beneficial. Recommended for anyone of any age!"  V. W. Indonesia


"The course could be described as a step from reality to the world of excellence, perfectionism, grace and elegance - The World not everybody lives these days, but everybody wishes to be in. Through workshops, lectures, tours instructors swiftly open a door to a better world of yourself. Minding Manners Team, thank you very much for sharing your expertise and knowledge, for creating a magical atmosphere."  V. G. Russia


"I cannot thank you enough for an absolutely wonderful week full of interesting learnings. Never had I imagined that I'd enjoy this programme as thoroughly as I did and I am sad that it's come to an end."  S.C. India


"Minding Manners has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I now have the answers to many questions that are not answered in books…and look forward to coming back again for more courses over the years."  S. A. Jordan


"Thank you for the amazing experience! You exceeded my highest expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, whilst learning some vital skills and techniques that will remain with me forever."  K. O. United Kingdom


"I had a life transforming experience whilst learning and am thrilled and excited about the future."  F. S. Nigeria


"The name 'The Finishing Touch' says everything. The clearly structured and focused content helped me hone my social, behavioural and communication skills to have 100% confidence."  N.B. Russia


"I had a great time; loved the course and the team and will recommend it to everyone. I look forward to coming back." P. M. Japan


"Through your teaching I have made a massive change in my life style. I have developed my business style, learned better how to manage different audiences, how to anticipate disadvantaged situations and provide solutions, how to interact even when I don’t have knowledge of the language and dining is much more enjoyable today." W.R. Angola


"Going to an etiquette class has been on my list of things to do for many years. I’m glad I chose Minding Manners. The history, visuals and practical tools supplied was perfect."  D.O. USA


"Minding Manners has truly broadened my horizon and passion for the realm of etiquette."  B. A. G. Kuwait


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