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Executive Finishing School

International Business Etiquette, Executive Image and Cross-Cultural Awareness 

The ability to successfully embrace globalisation is a key factor to business success in the 21st century. To sustain success in this rapidly changing landscape, global companies must develop a cadre of leaders who can operate throughout the world, lead global product and marketing teams, and create strategies that are effective globally and locally. As such, the demands placed upon today’s professionals surpass any experienced in the past. The sophisticated professional must know how to distinguish himself or herself from the competition, develop and maintain business, project a positive and respectful image, project confidence and authority and build teamwork in a multicultural environment.


Our key programmes take place in the European business capital of London, England allowing international participants the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, one of the most intriguing, entertaining, culturally diverse metropolitan areas of the world. Additional region-specific and country-specific courses are available on-line as well as on-site. All sessions may be tailored to specific objectives and offered anywhere in the world.

The Polished
Global Professional

The Polished Global Professional has been designed to enable you to master the all-important “soft skills” that will catapult you to a higher level in your personal and professional lives. You will benefit from an international, unsurpassed level of savoir-faire through an understanding of how to best combine the new codes of behaviour to position yourself as credible, knowledgeable, cultured and authoritative; thereby making a positive first and lasting impression every time.

Styled for Success - 
Executive Image

​When success is your target, don’t let your image get in the way. You are the message! Make sure that message speaks loud and clear about who you are (or who you would like to become).

The Minding Manners Executive & Professional Image Workshop “Styled for Success” will help you create a successful international business image that propels your career to top, irrespective of the industry and regardless of the corporate dress-code.

International Business Success

The art of successful international business relationships is in the mastery of the process of ‘editing’. By removing cultural distractions, barriers come down allowing business to transcend borders. 

While the basic ‘what’ of international business etiquette may be learned from a book, the ‘why’ is rarely conveyed. Join us for this half-day module that will change the way you see the business world and substantially increase your global business acumen.

TESTIMONIAL: “Having recently been promoted to the head of a large team in an international bank I quickly realised that my success in the role was heavily influenced by building successful relationships. Working within a global company involves interacting with many different cultures and the do’s and don’ts in London do not necessarily apply in Paris or Brussels. The three business etiquette courses I attended at Minding Manners has given me the confidence to successfully navigate these cultures within the organisation. Tamiko offers practical solutions and I would highly recommend these courses for any professional wanting to polish their people skills and gain an edge in a very competitive market.”

D.R.M. United Kingdom


The Executive Finishing School programmes are also available for Train-The-Trainer Certification, including cross-cultural awareness for more than 180 countries. If you are interested in becoming a part of our consultancy network, please contact us.


Tuition: £840 plus VAT - Tuition includes dynamic expert instruction, off-site visits, meals where applicable, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.


Corporate and in-house programmes are available as bespoke and general sessions anywhere in the world. Contact us to discuss your orginisation's objectives and we will create a customised programme for your senior executives, graduate trainees, international teams or anyone requiring professional polish to take their skills to the next level. 

Are you new to London? To learn more about our expat, companion and family programmes, contact us.

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