Programme Schedule 2021

Taking your success to the next level is what we do best. Join us online or in London for a Finishing School

course, or a Business Etiquette programme, or one of four Certification Train-the-Trainer programmes to

become a Certified International Etiquette Consultant or Certified International Protocol Consultant. Our

social etiquette programmes focus on English manners, French etiquette and Swiss finishing school principles.


Bespoke programmes for social etiquette, business etiquette and youth etiquette, as well as international protocol, are arranged on request. 

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25 - 19 February - International Youth Etiquette CertificationONLINE


18 through 19 - The Polished Global Professional ONLINE





Private and bespoke programmes




27 - 1 October - International Business Etiquette Certification

20 - 15 October - International Youth Etiquette CertificationONLINE



10 - 16 - International Social Etiquette Certification

11 - 15 - The Finishing Touch

25 - 29 October - International Protocol & Diplomacy Certification