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Expat & Companion Programme

Cross-Cultural Awareness for Successful Business Relations

Gain the competitive edge and excel at your over seas assignment with international style and grace. You and your family project an image that reflects upon your entire corporation, and the wrong image and attitude can be very costly. Likewise, you have very special needs of your own when living abroad. The Minding Manners Expat & Companion programmes are designed to allow you and your family to make to most of your mission.

Solid business relationships are developed and strengthened in social situations, which means mastery of the art of etiquette and the social graces specific to the host country are essential. The host and the guest each have a responsibility to ensure the overall success of events.

Studies show that the majority of unsuccessful expatriate missions are due to lack of knowledge of the host country’s social protocols and day-to-day nuances. As most business and socialising today are done over a meal or in a social situation, it pays to know which way to place your fork (tines up or down, at 10:20 or 6:00). Do you keep your hands above or below the table when they are not in use? How much personal space is appropriate? Do you ask to use the restroom in a host’s home? These seemingly minor details are of major importance.


Minding Manners Expat and Companion etiquette programs are geared toward accomplished expatriate business professionals (and those who aspire to be) and their families. The goal of the programs is to provide international savoir-faire by adding essential polish and uncovering the mysteries of living and thriving abroad. The programs will help you shift your behaviour, communication style and lifestyle, while cultivating interpersonal relationships on a global level.

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