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International Business Success

Intercultural Awareness for Enhanced Business Relations

To be competent and competitive in the global arena, effective cross-cultural communication is vital. The Minding Manners “International Business Success” module is a 4-hour workshop packed with tips and tactics to broaden your cultural awareness.

You will learn how to promote clear lines of communication and develop more effective relationships by:

  • Handling cultural differences with confidence

  • Better managing perceptions and misperceptions

  • Broadening your global awareness

  • Understanding global business customs and terminology

  • Creating low-context and high-context bridging strategies

  • Mastering international conversation skills

  • Learning how to build teamwork in an international environment

International cultural understanding is not only beneficial in the development of your career, but it also contributes to your overall social success by building stronger interpersonal skills, awareness, confidence and self analysis for the benefit of all your relationships.

​This session is also available as part of our International Business Etiquette Train-The-Trainer Certification. If interested in becoming a part of our consultancy network, please click here.

Tuition Offered as a private group programme for six delegates - £1,800 plus VAT - Tuition includes  4 hours of dynamic expert instruction, lunch, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.




Note: For a full International Business Makeover, this course is offered in conjunction with The Polished Global Professional (International Business Etiquette). Please click the links below for additional information.


- The Polished Global Professional
- Styled for Success


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