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Executive Image on a Global Scale

The Minding Manners Executive & Professional Image Workshop “Styled for Success” will help you create a successful international business image that propels your career to top, irrespective of the industry and regardless of the corporate dress-code.

You will discover the nuances and characteristics of a well-dressed professional by increasing your knowledge of:

  • Appropriate formal business looks and attire

  • The four levels of “business casual”

  • Characteristics and fabrics for formal business suits

  • How to say “I am a leader” when the dress code is casual

  • Looks to avoid in business

  • Masculine and feminine accessories and grooming

  • Business wardrobe plans for all seasons

  • Constructing a capsule wardrobe

  • Packing for business trips

  • Other business related dress codes

You will also receive advice on:

  • Clothing lines for the business environment

  • Matching clothing and bodylines and ensuring proper fit

And to wrap it all up in the perfect professional package, you will discover how to understand the basics of colours; what they say in business and how to use them in your personal business attire.

Styled for Success

​This session is also available as part of our International Business Etiquette Train-The-Trainer Certification. If interested in becoming a part of our consultancy network, please click here.

Tuition Offered as a private group programme for six delegates - £900 plus VAT - Tuition includes 2.5 hours dynamic expert instruction, lunch, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.


Note: For a full International Business Makeover, this course is offered in conjunction with The Polished Global Professional (International Business Etiquette) and International Business Success (Cross-Cultural Awareness). Please click the links below for additional information.


- The Polished Global Professional
- International Business Success

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